Monday, 6 February 2017

Ah! That OTG Cable

How important due to you think an OTG cable is these days? Let me re-phrase, how important do you consider external memory for your phone? Having a limited memory is fine for casual users, but not for people who use their phone or for those who are heavy users.

Lets’ take an example: you would like to store limited information like songs, movies or anything else on your memory card. If you do not have a memory card slot or worst yet, your phone does not support OTG. What do you do? How do you make up for the remainder of the data you want to store and where?

Does the term ‘handy’ ring a bell? The point is, your phone should support #OTG. I wonder why some phones in the market do not have this option. The way I think of it is simple. A phone you choose might not have an expandable memory slot, an OTG cable here comes handy. Few people also think that a 32 GB ROM is equally good or maybe even a 64 GB one is a better option. However, in any situation, “I don’t need an OTG cable!” Right? Wrong!

OTG cable already has a strong presence in the online marketplace. Look at any or maybe all e-shopping sites. Which one do you choose? With me around that certainly will not be tough.

The most common type of USB Cable in the market is USB –A, Micro USB B and Micro USB C. The latter one supports iPhones, soon there will be hardware changes on Android phones as well. Android phones with an OS update of Marshmallow and above has hardware support for USB type-C cables. It is also compatible with today’s desktop PCs.

Buying a USB cable is not a headache, but buying the right one, especially from the right company will be very beneficial in the end.

So how do you choose the right cable? Ask yourself these questions:
Is the length of the cable important?
Is the colour of the cable important?
Is round/flat cable important? (More on this later)

Once you have answered the above questions, you might want to consider cables with a flat design. One of the major benefits of a flat designed cable is that it does not entangle no matter how badly mangled you keep the cable. It would not matter. After you have made up your mind, you might want to click on this link to take you directly to the product page for buying the cable. You will not regret it- many others who bought this cable have not- me including!

Consider another important aspect of the cable: Does any of your family members own phones that have two different operating systems? Like an iPhone or Android? If they do then this particular cable is surely handy. The benefit it provides is immense, besides the usual phone-to-phone charging, it can also transfer data conveniently. It is particularly designed to accommodate most phones. You would need to ensure that your phone supports OTG.